“. . . then the world will know that You sent me and have loved them . . .”

Jesus Christ
(John 17:23)

The above quote is considered the fulfillment of a conditional statement. Meaning, if “this” occurs then “that” will be the outcome. But the outcome’s fulfillment doesn’t become evident unless the elements of the “this” are met.

What precedes Jesus’ outcome is the following statement: “I in them and you in me–so that they may be brought to complete unity.”

In the book Beyond Babylon: A Laywoman’s Journey Becomes A Prophetic Word, the author shares a prophetic word based on the tower of Babel story documented in the Bible. (Genesis uses the Hebrew name Babel, while the book of Revelation uses the Greek name Babylon. The information shared on this website is solely based on the prophetic word in Beyond Babylon.)

If this prophetic word was a mirror and was held up to the body of Christ’s state of union, it would reflect a unity contrary to the outcome Jesus prayed for in John 17:23.

This website seeks to be a transitional site that moves the Lord’s Church from the place of being fragmented to the place of unity that He calls for in His prayer. Its sole purpose is to begin a dialogue on topics that have plagued the Church for generations. There are three phases.

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