Author’s Note: Synkyrian Encounters

“Providence is one and you must not look at its separate parts.”

C.H. Spurgeon

I began writing Beyond Babylon (F.K.A., A Layman’s Journey Becomes A Prophetic Word) in October of 2012. The Final Word was completed on May 28, 2014 and the first edition was published in October of 2014. During that period of time, the Lord orchestrated synkyrian encounters outside the divine encounters documented in the book. This part of the book documents those encounters.

Each of these divine events draws your attention to four aspects which I believe will play a role in the Father’s desire to fulfill Jesus’ prayer in John 17:23: “. . . so that they may be brought to complete unity. Then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.” Those four aspects are:

  1. The book’s message
  2. The Church’s infrastructure
  3. The parallel between the world’s current events and the Church
  4. The number 10.

In the following, I share how the Lord in His providence arranged circumstances in the way that only He can. After you’ve read the encounters, you will be asked to discern what the Lord may be saying to His Church.


The Book’s Message

While in the process of writing the book, I soon became aware of its potential to open spiritually blinded eyes and to set captives free. Because of this realization, at some point I believed I needed Christians to stand with me. Not because I became fearful of how some Christians would react to the book’s message but as a strategy against the enemy’s attempt to circumvent the Lord’s intended purpose. So I prayed that the Lord would provide a mixture of leaders and laypeople; Christians whose individual experiences would bear witness to the book’s subject matter. He answered my prayer, but not in the way that I had expected.

The Lord divinely orchestrated situations in which I would read, hear or overhear Christian leaders and laypeople unknowingly share issues raised in the book. The following is how the Lord’s response to my prayer unfolded:

Evangelist T.A. was the first leader to validate information written in the book. I met her for the first time on November 14, 2013 during a four-week class held at our local mall. Without being prompted, she alluded to Christians who aren’t being used in their churches. On December 12th, she reiterated her statements.

Her statements corroborated one of the themes discussed in Chapter 8 – A Donkey + A Horse = A Mule. Here’s the excerpt:

“. . . So what is the implication? There is a lack of intentionality in moving God’s people from one level to another in their spiritual walk; not to mention developing strategic ways of discipling and mentoring God’s people on the level in which God’s saving grace has brought them. And consequently, there’s a failure by leaders to strategically use the people of God with all their spiritual gifts and anointing either within the Church body or the marketplace.”

Two days prior to the Lord using Evangelist T.A. on December 12th, the second leader was revealed. As I approached my lunch table, I noticed three people at the table behind me. As I took my seat, I overheard a young man mention Christians who have been in the same ministry for “eight and nine years” and how they seem to be stuck where they are. Here’s how the young man’s statement corroborated information from Chapter 5 – Structure, under the subheading Hindrance to Spiritual Maturity:

“. . . They are blinded by that which the spirit of religion creates. Because they have been in this type of environment for so long they function in this demonic stronghold of busy work as opposed to true spiritual work. You may see these Christians in “starter” ministries for 10, 20, 30 years.”

Although our span of years differ, the gist is the same: Christians who seem to be stuck in the same ministry year after year. I learned that the young man was Pastor L.F. Up until this point, the Lord had used two of the spiritual gifts listed in Ephesians 4:11 (an evangelist and a pastor) in answer to my prayer. Let’s see who He revealed next.

Seventeen days later, the third leader was revealed. On December 26th, I received an email from a young woman who I had not spoken with for years. Consequently, she was unaware that I was writing a book. In here email, she shared the names of Apostles L.H. and L.M. as people I may be interested in.

The next day, I did an Internet search on Apostle L.H. and listened to two of his YouTube videos. In both teachings, he mentioned specific words that are in the book: Constantine, donkey, horse, and mule. What are the chances? Here are the excerpts taken from Chapters 5 and 9 respectively where those words are mentioned:

  1.  “. . . Those leaders who were made aware of Constantine’s influence through seminary or perhaps any other biblical history training were faced with the decision to follow after the way of God or after the ways of man. Countless numbers over many generations chose man and seem to be oblivious to the impact their decision has had on the Lord’s Church.”
  2.  “. . . The donkey represents the paradigm shift experienced in those Christians who the Lord has made aware that there is more to this Christian walk than what they are experiencing through their places of worship . . . The horse represents new converts who have not been in the church long enough to exercise their spirit man to know what their divine calling is . . . The mule epitomizes the church structure that is composed of both the “mass producing of disciples” and the “Sodomic system”–religious systems that create the environment for these Christians to remain stuck until the Lord brings illumination for their condition. The mule also epitomizes the inability to produce or reproduce the kind of fruit in the way God intended because of the demonic stronghold created by this environment. Demonic because any system that oppresses the spirit of a people finds its source in the doctrine of demons.”

Another seventeen days after watching Apostle L.H.’s video, the Lord continued to answer my prayer.

At the time, ninety-five percent of the book had been completed when I submitted five pages to an editor who offered to edit those pages for free. While I was aware that she was a Christian, I wasn’t expecting her response to what was submitted. Here is her January 13, 2014 email response to the five pages:

“When I was a lot younger, I was discipled one on one over the course of a year, and that discipleship helped me overcome many, many issues in my early Christian walk, but a lot of churches have no discipleship at all. Or if they do, you basically have to be counted “worthy” of such a relationship, or know the pastor or the pastor’s wife, or some other blasted thing, before anyone will spend any time with you.”

The following is the excerpt taken from Chapter 8 where the editor validated observations documented in the book:

“So what is the implication? There is a lack of intentionality in moving God’s people from one level to another in their spiritual walk; not to mention developing strategic ways of discipling and mentoring God’s people on the level in which God’s saving grace has brought them. And consequently, there’s a failure by leaders to strategically use the people of God with all their spiritual gifts and anointing either within the church body or the marketplace.”

Three days later, mall ministry volunteer, B.T., corroborated Evangelist T.A.’s statements and information written in Chapter 8. I met B.T. for the first time on January 16th, and without any prompting, she began to talk about having to go outside her church to do ministry because she wasn’t being used in her church.

Five days after meeting B.T., I ran into a young man at a supermarket who I recognized from a church where I had been a member.  A.F. shared his personal experiences regarding the church and unintentionally, he too began to speak on various points from the book. One of the topics he raised was the tower of Babel which is the topic of the book’s Part 2 – The Prophetic Word.

“The last time I read the biblical story on the tower of Babel was in 2010, while on a different assignment. My intent in using the story was as a testament to what God’s people can accomplish if we carry out His work on one accord. It wasn’t until the Lord brought the story back to my remembrance in January 2013 that He revealed a completely different perspective.”

The following day, January 22nd, there were two Christians seated at the lunch table behind me. I overheard one of them say in so many words how he had become frustrated after being a member of various ministries in his church and felt as though he had hit a wall. The following is the excerpt taken from Chapter 8:

“For example, the groups of Christians who fall under the categories in the last two bullets tend to have moved on from the “starter” ministries (i.e. Usher Boards, Singles Ministries, Women or Men Ministries, Greeters) but have hit a wall in the institutional church. For those Christians who fall under the last two categories, these “starter” ministries no longer fill the void that only walking in the purposes and plans of God can fulfill.”

Note the relative brevity of time in which the Lord answered the prayer. Within a six-week period, He had presented me with leaders to endorse the book, and within a matter of nine days, He had answered my prayer for laypeople. All told, one prayer was answered in approximately two months through seven people. However, as stated, the divine encounters did not play out as I had originally intended. My expectation was that these potential endorsers would rise to the occasion to put their trust in God, read the book, and offer their written endorsement. However, that didn’t happen.

So I asked God why. Why would He orchestrate seven synkyrian encounters only for them to, in my mind, come to naught? His reply put these encounters in perspective for me.

The fact that I would take the time to speak to seven vessels, none of which had any knowledge of you or the book you are writing, am I not enough?

It was a way for the Lord to say, “I validate the book; you don’t need man to endorse it.”

In January of 2014, the Lord revealed to me that the book was only designed to be the first phase to a larger picture. The following two synkyrian encounters validated Phase 2.


The Church’s Infrastructure

Between May and June of 2012, the Holy Spirit prompted me to write down five words at various times. On July 8, 2012, a guest speaker at my church mentioned three of the five during his teaching. All five words are discussed in the book. But one of which was not discussed in any particular detail: Infrastructure.

Between January of 2014 and March 30, 2014, the Lord had revealed additional information concerning the word Infrastructure. The word, and components associated with it, could potentially become an answer to Jesus’ prayer for complete unity.

On April 2, 2014, a friend who was unaware of what the Lord revealed, forwarded an email regarding a *conference titled “Unity” A Call To Action hosted by Antioch Tabernacle Ministries located in Pittsburg, PA. What I believe the Lord revealed was that this ministry would be a prototype for the Infrastructure’s bigger picture.

*I subsequently learned that it was actually Jim Barbarossa who held the conference and Antioch Tabernacle Ministries was the host church.


The Parallel Between the World’s Current Events and the Church

Another one of the Infrastructure’s components was establishing the parallel between the world’s current events and the Church—the natural and the spiritual. I was meditating on this particular element, trying to find the words to articulate what the Lord was showing me regarding the revolutions that are taking place in countries such as Egypt, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, and Venezuela. (All of these nations are under political unrest in an attempt to escape the oppression of their respective governments.)

On Thursday, August 7, 2014, I first wrote the phrase spirit of revolution on a piece of paper. I then jotted down atmosphere; and the following day air. On Saturday, August 9th, I was filling out a crossword puzzle. The clue for 25 across was atmosphere, the answer to which was air.


The Number 10

Finally, October (the tenth month), became significant to the process of bringing the book into existence. As mentioned, the crafting of this book began in October of 2012; and October of 2014, the book’s first edition was birthed.

Also in October of 2012, the Lord orchestrated a synkyrian encounter that triggered my traveling to a conference for authors in Los Angeles in October of 2014.

The synkyrian encounter was initiated on October 30, 2012. I was watching a Breast Cancer Awareness video when an old friend and her mother appeared on screen. It had been close to thirty years since we had communicated. I live in New Jersey; she lives in Los Angeles.

Nine days later, on November 7th, I was flipping through the pages of my community newspaper, when appeared the same picture of my girlfriend and her mother.

While I was unaware of why the Lord had orchestrated such events, I knew it had something to do with Los Angeles. The Lord revealed His intention in July of 2014.

On Wednesday, July 2nd, I had breakfast with this same girlfriend in New Jersey before I flew to Florida to attend an authors and bloggers seminar. While at the airport, I sent her the following text: still have to find out why the Lord did what He did [in 2012].

That Saturday, one of the seminar speakers made the announcement regarding a conference for authors in October in Los Angeles.

Unbeknownst to me, there was an answer to a prayer waiting for me in LA. A few months leading up to the conference, I began praying for my “Aaron” (the relationship represented between Moses and Aaron). With approximately 250 people in attendance at the conference, I met the one person who had prayed to be someone’s Aaron. But more than this divine encounter, I believe the number 10 has significance to what the Lord wants to accomplish through Beyond Babylon.


What is Your Interpretation?

Interpretations will be posted on this website at the discretion of the author.

2 thoughts on “Author’s Note: Synkyrian Encounters

  1. Mother24

    First the donkey+horse=mule automatically made me think of the church unable to produce. People working and attending church but unable to produce what they purposed to produce. Stagnated because they are hung up on religion as a ritualistic thing that is expected. Go to church to but not growing in Christ Jesus, unable to hear, not understanding that the church is the people, not the building we try to build up. No unity of the body, no discipleship just people going along trying to figure this walk out like they were blindfolded. Constantine reminded me of the how the church has worshiped pastors instead of God. So much so that whatever he/she speaks is accepted as truth no questions asked but there are a few who are looking around and saying this is not right. Meanwhile there are those of us who are not satisfied with what we were once doing in the ministry, we are looking and desiring more.

  2. ecwhite1

    Regarding the church I’ve cried for years there’s got to be more than this; more than what God intended; us not realizing the depth of Christ death and resurrection and the significance of His Spirit living within us!
    Book’s Message: Oppression is in direct correlation of the disobedience to God. We, as a church, have compromised ourselves to operate and function as the world thereby deceiving ourselves into believing that we are pleasing to God and we are not. We seek and ask for the riches of this world and miss out on the Kingdom of God, thereby obtaining the riches of Satan and think its of God. Therefore the true Power of God is amiss and we don’t even know it nor would we admit it because we don’t want to appear foolish before man.
    Church’s Infrastructure: I’m caught up in this television series where the nobles stole land from their people and that which they didn’t steal they taxed at a high rate therefore causing those with land to be poor. New leadership comes in and they are trying to figure out how to divide the land and give it back to the people. The problem arises when they realize there is not enough land to divide because the nobles are still holding on to what they stole. Solution: All the tax records were burnt, noblemen had no claim to land and now there’s enough land to divide among the people.
    Praying this book moves the hearts of our leaders and laypeople to not build on what they had institutionalized whether it be tradition or religion, etc.
    Why not purpose as a church to do nothing but seek the face of God and wait for His instructions, then follow how He directs you as a church! Let’s learn how to live the spiritual life he has ordained for us.
    Only then will we enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Matthew 7:21-29
    The Parallel Between the World’s Current Events and the Church: Does the world’s current events witness to the power of the church or lack thereof? This is a spiritual battle that is not fought with boots on the ground or in the natural (your mind). YOU do not have the power, knowledge, understanding or wisdom to fight against the enemy. The power, gifting, healing, deliverance, obedience, vision, prophecy, provision, etc. lies in unceasing spiritual (not soulish) fervent prayers of His People. Pray exactly what you hear the Spirit of the Lord prays and you will see mountains move.
    Prayer: One thing have we desired of the LORD, that will we seek after; that we may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of our life, to behold the beauty of the LORD, and to inquire in his temple. For in the time of trouble he shall hide us in his pavilion: in the secret of his tabernacle shall he hide us; he shall set us up upon a rock.

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