Exodus (Chapter 12)

Beyond Babylon
A Laywoman’s Journey Becomes A Prophetic Word

Chapter 12

Exodus, Chapter 12 of Beyond Babylon, presents you, the believer, an opportunity to share your own synkyrian encounters pertaining to your exodus from institutional churches. The same exodus Mr. Graham refers to in his prophetic word where he speaks of the Church witnessing millions of Christians going outside the institutional church to find spiritual food.1

This invitation won’t pertain to every Christian who reads Beyond Babylon. For those who were once in a state of idleness in their church, felt zero motivation in their spiritual walk with the Lord, or were once stuck in the status quo of church attendance and are now delivered, here’s an opportunity for you to share your story with the body of Christ, specifically with those presently experiencing oppression at the hands of religious structures. This is your chance to be a “Moses” leading the children of Israel out of oppression and into deliverance.

Not only will every Christian have their own unique story, but he or she will be responsible for their own sphere of influence. It is a given that I may not reach someone with the elements of my story, and the converse is also true. But despite the varying details of our journeys, in the context of the information written in prior chapters, the oppression is the same.

Apostle Paul shares in 2 Corinthians 1:3-5 that we have the ability to comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God. Your testimony of deliverance will empower others. Here’s an opportunity to participate in what the Lord is doing in these last days, and at the same time comfort those presently experiencing what we once encountered with the comfort provided to us from the Lord.

1. World Aflame, by Billy Graham, ©1965 Billy Graham, used with permission, all rights reserved.

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4 thoughts on “Exodus (Chapter 12)

  1. sent2thesentones

    My journey has been very interesting to me and those around me. I was going to a large church. The Lord had already spoken to my friend that her season there was up. I unwillingly realized that I too would eventually have to find a different church. A few months later I heard again the Lord speak it was time for me to go. I had been thinking where would I go if I had to leave there. I was driving down the highway as I received a call from this same friend. She said to me, “Have you been thinking about leaving? If so, than I am confirming what God is speaking to you.” I was still unwilling to leave. I really wanted to be under this Pastor’s teaching and ministry. It was very hard for me to let go. I went to the Pastor and I asked him, “Has the Lord spoke to you concerning me leaving the ministry? I think it’s time for me to go.” He responded, “The Lord wouldn’t speak to me concerning that.” I was a little upset that was all He had to say. I continued to go to this church. On a Wednesday night the Pastor had a guest speaker come in. He spoke from Songs of Solomon. The way this man spoke pierced my very soul and went right to my spirit. The word was so strong, it was almost like this is the last time I am going to tell you to leave! If I can paraphrase what He said, “There was so many spices in you; so many good things in you, that you have reached a glass ceiling in this place. If you don’t leave, you will never use what’s on the inside of you. I left the church. The Lord did not point me back to another church until eight months later. I stayed at home. I read the word. I prayed, fasted, and waited for instruction but received none. During this time is where I grew in the things of the Lord tremendously. I would be led to go get books and read certain scriptures. He was training me in obedience to His voice and following His instructions. I would later enter back into the church for a few more years only to leave again. I am currently awaiting my entrance back into the church. I have come to believe we are needed in the rebuilding of that which God is about to do. I believe there is a remnant of believers that will adhere to the Fathers exact instructions. I believe all that I have gone through was to prepare me for what is about to happen in the rebuilding of the church to the Father’s liking. Blessings!

  2. Mother24

    I attended my second church for 6 years. Being in that church was hard because you were so busy you got lost. But something was missing and it made me feel sad. From the time i came to this church it felt wrong but it was close and we(my family) could attend without too much travel. The atmosphere was shifting for me and yet i continued to attend this church, because it was where my gifts were being used for a while. Then i began to pray after having dreams and experiences that did not make sense. The Lord spoke to me and said he was bringing me out and that i should not look back at what was. But I did not leave right away, then things got worse for me. So one Sunday, I got the nerve to tell the pastor and his wife. I moved away and had to help my mother with my stepfather who was dying. What the Lord did for me duringg this time was so hard but awesome at the same time. He used me so much, to minister, to confirm, to pray for others. Even with all the challenges I knew He was preparing me for more.

  3. ecwhite1

    One Saturday, early afternoon, I was headed to church for prayer when I was immediately stopped at the rail road tracks. Lights were flashing, the arm came down swiftly, and the train that past in front of me was loud, horn blearing and I heard every beat the train was making as it hit the rails in front of me. It felt as if I was in a trance, when I heard in the midst of all that clamor, with much clarity His still small voice saying “I have delivered you from Egypt”. I sat there and wept as the last freight car went by, the lights stopped flashing, the arm returned to its original position, as the rails lay silent. I backed into the parking lot and faced the church and ask if I could still go in and pray. He said yes! Just then my prayer partner met me at the door of the church and the prayer that came forth was radical, there was anointing oil that was sprayed and poured inside and outside for the breaking of strongholds that were present for generations and not dealt with. Leaving that particular church was hard, I wanted to witness the aftermath of that prayer, but I knew where He was sending me, He had great things in store.

  4. Gail

    My heart agrees with the book that Cecilia has written. I’m still in a Bible teaching Church without the gift’s of he Holy Spirit are in operation. I miss the ’70’s and ’80’s.

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