Book Excerpt

Chapter 1
Two Different Perspectives on “Church Hoppers”

“An actual reason for being idle but still attending church?? …I asked my pastor why I always feel so blah serving the church. Never feeling excited, never feeling joyful. Just blah, just dry…”
– ramonathepug01

“Wow. I have been struggling for so long with this issue until today. I so often felt like there was something wrong with me until…
– SammySunshine00

“We have felt so useless and have zero motivation sometimes that we just wanted to leave the church…”
– Kami_Swedberg

“I know so many people like this. Walking around in a fog wondering what they are supposed to be doing. Just going to ‘church’ each week is not cutting it.”
– WillieCan12

What you have just read are reviews in response to a podcast discussion recorded on August 31, 2012. The discussion was intended to reach those Christians who find themselves in a modern-day oppression at the hands of religious structures.

These four listeners represent a group of Christians the Lord has chosen as one of the focal points of Beyond Babylon. They are only a small representation of potentially thousands of Christians He wants to strengthen, encourage, and comfort as we approach the return of Jesus. Their complete reviews and others can be found in the Appendix.

The groans of the oppressed cry loud in the ears of the righteous God, to whom vengeance belongs; especially the groans of God’s children, the burdens they groan under, and the blessings they groan after.”
John Wesley