Book Reviews

Highly Favored (October 20, 2014)
“What a powerful reading! This book stirred my spirit in so many good ways! It is a confirmation to past conversations that I had with family, friends and such a relevant word for the present day church. I love the fact that the author appeals to our spiritual senses with prophetic illustrations and raises the bar for those truly seeking to fulfill God’s purpose for their life. It is a must read for every pastor and believer and a wakeup call to draw attention to our spiritual condition as the Body of Christ–she encourages the reader to examine their heart and motives in order to bring about change that impacts the church and the world as Christ intended. I also love the fact that the author uses scriptural foundation to make clear distinctions about seeking and obeying the Holy Spirit versus following our own intellect and desires. She points out the significance and urgency of walking in God’s Divine plan individually and collectively as the Body of Christ. I highly recommend this reading for those who seek a deeper understanding of their role as a “true” disciple of Christ and kingdom builder.”

FGP #3
“This is a very different/radical approach to the way God wants His people to truly know Him. The Spirit of God doesn’t have a formula to the way He does things.”

Pastor Deana Treadwell  – Gatekeepers Fellowship International Ministries
“Amazingly excellent!”

Shawn – SuzyQ (Full Service Author Coaching)
“The book made me think and challenged me. It resonated with me. This is not the normal Christian book.”