Buy the Book – Beyond Babylon: A Laywoman’s Journey Becomes A Prophetic Word

bb-bookcoverThe author’s year long journey filled with divine encounters has brought born-again Believers to this moment in history. And the Christian is left with the question: Whose side will you be on?

That’s the question that every born-again Believer will have to answer after reading Beyond Babylon: A Laywoman’s Journey Becomes A Prophetic Word.

In this unconventional book, the author strays from the traditional ways a prophetic word is presented. She begins by sharing the details of her journey in Part 1 which then culminated with a prophetic word in Part 2. In these first two parts, the Lord exposes religious systems that oppress His people and a unity that He disapproves. But then He continued to speak. Months after revealing those two preeminent messages, He shared the interpretation, which is documented in Part 3.

The penning of the book began with the author wanting to give a voice to Christians entangled in the effects of religious systems. Little did she know, the end of her journey would transition into a call to action for the Church.

The author incorporates layers of interactive elements to create community within the body of Christ and also to bring the reader into what the Lord is continuing to accomplish here on earth so that He may be glorified.

Blog Invites” serve as one of those elements. The purpose of these invites is to provoke dialogue on specific topics the author raises in the book.

One other element is the on-line, final chapter titled “Exodus”. In this chapter, the reader becomes the author by sharing their testimony of how the Lord delivered them from the oppression of religious systems to walk in purpose and destiny.

The Lord’s grace and mercy becomes apparent as the reader takes note of the dates and the timing in bringing forth a contemporary prophetic word that deals with topics that have existed in the body of Christ for generations. There’s nothing new under the sun and nevertheless, He continues to speak a right-now word.