Operation Infrastructure (Phase II)

Will the Lord Find Faith in You?

Who will you identify with? Will you be like the people who stood by as spectators and watched Noah build the ark? Or will you be like the Pharisees who didn’t believe their Savior had come? Or will you identify with Pharaoh who after witnessing the miracles of God, still refused to believe? What side of history will you be on when all is said and done? For the Church to be in the place of unity our Savior has called us to, there has to be the same intensity of faith as those honored in Hebrews 11:4-34. From the level of faith Abel exhibited when he brought God the better offering to the level of Noah’s who built an ark when for at least 120 years rain was nowhere to be found.

The Journey to Unity

Abbreviated Timeline

(Spiritual Markers and Puzzle Pieces)

The transition from Phase 1 to Phase 2 quickly and unexpectedly began on November 3, 2015. Additional information regarding the intent of each Phase can be found on the Home page.

The following are the events that led up to the organizing of the Sunago, which is scheduled for Friday, February 26th and Saturday, February 27, 2016.

  • October 2012: began writing Beyond Babylon.
  • July 2015:  nearing the completion of writing the book, the Lord gave the instructions to include in the Call to Action chapter two Christian leaders: John Eckhardt (Chicago) and Jim Barbarossa (Indiana). (pages 116-117)
  • August 2015: The Lord’s seal of approval for the finally completed book:I ordered five copies of the book from Amazon, my brother’s employer. The person who put those five copies together? My meticulous, conscientious, crazy brother, who made sure his coworkers knew who wrote the book. The Lord in His providence arranged circumstances in such a way that the order would be received at the very Amazon not only where my brother is employed but on his specific shift.
  • August 2015: the Lord orchestrated a divine connection where I had the opportunity to meet Jonathan Tremaine Thomas (Missouri). His mandate is to bring racial reconciliation in the country through unity in the Church.
  • August 2015: Beyond Babylon is published.
  • October 2015: the Lord divinely orchestrated circumstances where within a six-day period the two leaders who He instructed me to include in the book in July comes up in conversation. Consequently, because of these particular events, a Sunago is in the process of being birthed, with the goal of *John Eckhardt, Jim Barbarossa, and Johnathan Tremaine Thomas as the keynote speakers.
  • January 2016: On January 8th, Dr. Sharon Stone spoke the following words:“Unity – In the past it has been attempted. But God would not let them operate in something that would be dismantled. It is a time for peacemakers to arise. Unity built on a different arena. New Jersey. God is putting emphasis upon the new. A fresh voice for a new course. NJ will be one of the first to do it. We (NJ) don’t have a fake unity or placebo. It will be the first place because we are already at an awkward (I believe that’s what she said) point. Things have gone through enough transition to help NJ launch into the new. (She made reference to the restoration taking place in Camden.) It is a part of the atmosphere that makes NJ ready.”

    In regards to the saints possessing the Kingdom, she also shared:

    “It will be on a grand scale with a level of acceleration. *God is going to bring an interruption into what we have been doing. The verdict has shifted it. The momentum has just shifted. All access go, green light. The momentum has come; in spite of unlikely odds.”

  • November 2015: Excerpts taken from Profound document, written by the author of Beyond Babylon:*“Key players will have to make a transition from what they commonly and presently are doing in their present assignment to that which the Lord is ordaining for this season.”“The brevity of time for the above *encounters speaks to the urgency of the transition.”

*The encounters made reference to speaks to the events which occurred in October 2015.

*Mr. Eckhardt’s response as an invitee is pending.

Phase III Illustrated

Click here to see a depiction that represents what Phase III can look like in Jesus’ Church when all the components are present.