Frequently Asked & Anticipated Questions

Who are you?

First and foremost, I am a servant of the Living God. I have served Him for close to 30 years–having started out as an usher and filling many positions over that period of time. As man will look to my credentials for my qualifications, the Lord has not required that of me for this particular assignment.

While this assignment as a catalyst to bring Churches into true unity is my main focus for this season, my personal ministry is Live Within Listen Within Ministries. A ministry that helps Christians to hear the voice of God.

Although every leader that I’ve been under has played a significant role in my Christian journey, I received my most impactful training under the leadership of Apostle James and Pastor Deana Treadwell from Gatekeepers’ International Fellowship in Pennsauken NJ.

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How do you justify the selling of your book if it is indeed a prophetic word from God?

I am sure this is a concern shared by many of my fellow Christians–as it was my sentiment early on in the process. There were two things that brought peace. First, because it is a true prophetic word for the body of Christ, the only way that I felt was feasible for world-wide access, was to share it in book form. Secondly, in August of 2015 Jesus’ presence showed up in an Amazon distribution center when He divinely intervened in the events and circumstances that resulted in my brother filling my order of five books.

The Lord is fully aware of the business of Amazon. My perspective is that He knew this particular question would be raised among His people. And He did what was necessary to lessen those concerns so that His prophetic word wouldn’t go unheeded.

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Who gave you the authority to speak for God?

As soon as we accept Jesus as our Savior, all Christians are given the authority to speak on behalf of the Father. Because we are all indwelt by the Holy Spirit, we are all on the same playing field when it comes to representing who we believe in and what we believe. For this particular assignment, I simply had the ear to hear what the Father was speaking concerning this particular prophetic word and became a willing and obedient servant.

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What is the purpose of the Sunago?

Allow me to first share what the Sunago is not. The very definition of the word implies bringing together a people void of that which has kept us separated. So the purpose is not to iron out our differences when it comes to the truths that we ascribe to. The purpose of the Sunago is to primarily galvanize born-again Christian leaders to begin laying the foundation for true unity in the Church. This objective can be accomplished by focusing on what we have in common while serving our Savior, and ultimately, reaching the lost. The Sunago will be where we begin to live out our commonalities, which in turn will be the compass that will bring us to the place of true unity.

When we consider the current events manifesting across the globe, this season in the Church is ripe for this move of God.

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What do you consider true unity?

I understand there are various ways that born-again believers interpret and carry out what they believe Jesus meant when He prayed that the Church be in complete unity. And I will always be in agreement when my fellow Christians find ways to fellowship with one another.

However, the true unity I refer to emerged from the prophetic word in Beyond Babylon. This is where I shamelessly promote the book. There is a specific unity that Jesus has called the Church to. To gain the impartation for this particular unity, you do have to read the book. As one of its reviewers shared, “This isn’t the normal Christian book.”

I can briefly share that the unity encompasses elements that have been overlooked or misinterpreted by some, not all, in the Church for generations.

Spurgeon once said, “Providence is one and you must not look at its separate parts.” In the book are numerous instances, too many to share here, when the Lord would affirm, confirm, or reveal events that would point me in the direction He wanted me to go. It wasn’t until some three years after I began writing the book that He revealed His definition for what true unity looks like.

Click here to purchase the book.

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I notice that two of the keynote speakers use the title, apostle. I don’t believe there are apostles in the 21st Century Church. How do you expect to galvanize born-again leaders if this is just one of the teachings that have divided us?

There was a time when I also believed that not only apostles, but prophets, had ceased subsequent to the early Church. For me to use scripture to justify what I now believe, probably won’t sway you. But I will ask that you first consider the Providence of God and secondly, the nature of God.

If you haven’t done so, I will ask that you read how these two leaders where brought to my attention. (That information can be found on pages 116-118 in Beyond Babylon.) And then from there, how they came to be the keynote speakers. (That information can be found in the Sunago: Phase 2–Laying the Foundation for Unity document, page 4.)

Secondly, the Lord is omniscient. He is very much aware of these two leaders’ belief in the existence of apostles in this present day. And yet still, they were chosen for such a time as this. I for one am looking forward to how the Lord will use these two men of God (*John Eckhardt and Jim Barbarossa) and Mr. Jonathan Tremaine Thomas to impart into His people at this historic event.

*(Please note that as of the writing of the FAAQ, Mr. Eckhardt’s response as an invitee is pending.)

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Please explain what you mean by clarion call and why the urgency?

According to the dictionary a clarion is a shrill, narrow-tubed war trumpet with clear, shrill tones. While the word clarion isn’t in the Bible, trumpets were used to get people’s attention and was associated with the call to a holy assembly, a warning of danger, or the arrival of a king.

The prophetic word in Beyond Babylon is just that. The Lord trying to get born-again believers’ attention for what’s about to come upon, not only the Church, but America.

I believe the church has become so engrossed in our normal daily and weekly Christian activities that when the Lord attempts to do something “outside the box” in the 21st Century, it’s foreign to us.

There’s a harvest coming and born-again believers will need to be prepared as the Church of the Living God. I believe this harvest will be deemed as the 21st Century Church’s 3,000 plus souls coming to Jesus in a supernatural way. (Acts 2:41)

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If I have a prior engagement scheduled for those days, what should I do?

Refer to the previous response.

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What happens after the Sunago?

The Lord is only using me as a catalyst. Which is why it is imperative that leaders spread the word with your circle of leaders. I believe there are leaders who the Lord has already anointed and appointed in this region to take on this assignment. This is the reason I called for “next steps” leaders in my original email to leaders.

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