Let Us Arise to Build (Phase III)

“Then I told them of the hand of my God which was good upon me; as also the king’s words that he had spoken unto me. And they said, Let us rise up and build. So they strengthened their hands for this good work.”

(KJV)   Nehemiah 2:18

The rebuilding of the Church’s infrastructure to a place of unity may take years with many stages being carried out along the way. And those who have worked hard during Phase 2 may not live to see it. Nevertheless, the work has to begin somewhere and that is the intent of Operation Infrastructure. You will have the relaying of a compromised foundation as one stage. The building of the framework as another stage. And everything in between. Then there’s that stage during any building process when the final piece to the process is put in place. I envision these stages having its genesis in Phase 2 then seamlessly transitioning into Phase 3.

Regardless of which stage and the role present day Christians, and perhaps future generation Christians, will play, all of it will be to fulfill our Savior’s prayer for unity.

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Image credit:  Jim Barbarossa Ministries